For us, the taste experience is the great research and experimentation in doughs and recipes, no longer a simple garnish but a real immersion in the best italian products, with the best raw materials of the artisan supply chain.

The experience is the Drink, no longer a simple drink but a selection of drinks in gastronomic pairing with food, including a sophisticated mixology, beers from the best italian brewing farmers and wines, which are the expression of the great contemporary Apulian enology.

Sharing all the above mentioned in a unique and harmonious environment, to enjoy a complete and rewarding experience in every nuance.

This is for us the real Tastexperience.

"Uemé is time and space, it is enjoying the moment.
It is the expectation of taste, it it taking time to try new flavors, and find together those of classic gastronomy, made of great raw materials and the know-how
to treat them with care.

"It is the meaning of the contemporary: experimenting with tradition."